Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar, Fairfield Heights

3:50 AM

I've wanted to try Crust for a while. Receiving one of em magnetic menus in the mailbox, now I had to go. 

Oh, hay.

I knew what I wanted straight away, someone had said that Peri Peri Chicken on their menu was their fave, so I had to try and see for myself.

Again, I'm not much of a chicken fan. The only type of chicken I like is roasted or incredibly juicy, oozing with flavour.

10 minutes of chitter chatter and our pizza was done 
 'You're not meant to take a picture of the box......' Whateva, I do what I want!

 Lookin fresh

 Peri-Peri Chicken Pizza ($21)
Marinated chicken breast fillets, shallots, roasted capsicum, caramalised onions & bocconcini on a tomato base, topped with peri-peri sauce

The roasted capsicums were my favourite part! I've never tried anything like it. It added the best flavour. Everything else was average and flavourless to me, my tastebuds are pretty hard to please. But my friend thought otherwise. I'd want to come back again to try their garlic prawn pizzas!

Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar
5/158 The Blvd, Fairfield Heights
Fairfield Heights NSW 2165
(02) 9726 0000
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