Breadtop: Chicken Puff, Cabramatta

6:32 PM

Every single time I walk into Breadtop, I always end up getting the same things. Either a twin sausage bun or a naan bread with onion and cheese.

This time I thought, No! I will get something new! I was so close to end up getting a naan bread... heh heh

 I settled for a Chicken Puff ($2.20)

Ooooo u fancy

It was basically a bun with a sheet of pastry over it 
 Peeling em layers

Sooo soft!!!!!

I love the colour at the bottom, yum!

Finally got to the middle, to the chicken bit... It so did not match the bun, all those flavours... Chicken with some sort of creamy mushroom mayo stuff

I'm done.

It was good. I didn't like the inside, the bun was delicious! Kay bye, until the next time I try something else from breadtop guiiise!

2/90 John Street
Cabramatta NSW
Australia 2166
(02)9723 8879

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