Monday, November 5, 2012

Dr. Candy, Darling Harbour

Yeah I'm just blogging about anything now ain't I?
Food is food kay.

I've always pranced by these little stalls, and only ever purchased goods off this place once.
It's a candy wonderland, really! All these sweets reminise my tastebuds of the good ol' days in Canada.

Rows and rows of candy available for you to make use of the available scooper or tongs to pop into your little bag

Pink cutie bags

 Hi doc!

Where to start!

These babies are sold at $3.59/100g, pretty damn pricey. (Usually $3 for a bag of 250g lollies)

Picking and choosing all the tasty ones...

Raspberry belts!

I got me some raspberries,  blueberry strips, kisses, fantasy bars, gummy worms, coca colas, peaches and yogurt bar thingooos.

Skipped away kinda content, a few lollies and a mouth of starting up cavities for $3.30

 Going upstairs. Everyone wants candy.

I waited til' we got into the car before I smashed the whole thing

 Oh hai


And my ultimate (ULTIMATE) favourite,,,,,,
 Raspberry gummies..... A light even had to shine on it at this moment!!!

 Yogurt and fantasy bars


15 pieces of stale kinda not as nice as you'd think, gummies for $3.30.

I will (probably) not buy you again.
I bet my sister in Canada must think I'm crazy buying candy at these prices. Aw I miss Canada foodlings....


  1. WOW, I've been dying to get my hands on some rainbow belts! Good to know that Dr. Candy has 'em, aye? Those yoghurt and fantasy bars look nommy too, hehe.

    1. To be honest, I don't think you should bother with getting sweets from their stalls :( Their lollies are pretty tough (exposed to too much air?) ...and they weren't as great as the lollies I use to eat when I was little :( the raspberry belts from woolies for $2 are delicious, you should get those!!!

    2. Aw, really! Was hoping to get some rainbow belts one day, ahah. But okay, I'll check out Woolies; thanks for the heads up!~

  2. AHHA LOL I get a lot of these ...
    from both, normal supermarkets and these type of shops haha! But these kind of stalls are usually pretty overpriced ;A; ...but still! sugary goodness hoho