Thursday, July 2, 2015

Guilt-free Organic Hotdogs with Beretta Farms

Beretta Family Farms has changed the mystery meat playing field with a line of organic, entirely flavorsome and guilt-free hot dogs, across chicken, turkey and beef. It's simple: all organic and all Canadian!

Hot dogs have had the worst wrap for as long as I could remember. Growing up, with every visit to the downtown core, I would often salivate over the heavenly grilling aromas stretching throughout the streets. Just as a fella would spot a boyfriend seat in a store, I could easily spot a hot dog stand within my peripheral. I would eyeball the cart from the opposite intersection and pair the addictive aromas to an imaginary hot dog sitting in my own hands; a surface of perfectly blistered, slightly charred skin, and within a bite, the insides bursting, glowing a meaty red. At the queue of the green light, my older sister would tug my arm and halt my hopes and dreams of becoming one with the dirty, dirty street meat. In further bursting my bubble, I would be reminded of the questionable miscellaneous sludge that sausages are solidified from. Now, with Beretta’s new line, hot dogs will no longer be questionable. At Beretta Farms, they have revolutionized the “mystery meat” imagery.

My game plan for the #BerettaDogDays? To try all three of Beratta's glorious guilt-free hot dogs.

There's no mystery here! Beretta's Organic Hotdogs have the most narrow ingredient list compared to it's competitors. Antibiotic, preservative and nitrate free! Prepare your eyes.

First to go: the Turkey Beretta Farms Hotdog adorned with jalapeño, pickles, two type of onions, mayonnaise and two mustards. This piece was slightly gamey and had a delicious bite to it!


Mottos to live by.

IMG 2182
The Organic Beef, and absolutely nitrate & preservative free Hotdog ready to become bedazzled!

Completely dressed-up Organic Beef Beretta Farms Hotdog

These organic hotdogs are the tastiest and healthiest alternative, available in 6-packs for $10.99.


The perfect pair to a beautiful sunny day and a hot dog in hand, it's a well-made Walter Caesar in the other! Rimmed and garnished with pickled beans, along with a salami stick, there's nothing better.

IMG 2157

What's my favorite part of eating a hot dog? It is without a doubt, the condiments! The condiment table set during the Beretta Farm’s Hot Dog Launch could not be forgotten here. This is all necessary information for future saucing and condiment references. The benchmark is three sauces on your bun at the very minimum.


Last but not least, my Organic Chicken Hotdog, dressed in a row of jalapeños, corn, red onions, and, you bet it, two glorious Maille mustards! Each delicious, the Turkey was my favourite.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tandoori Flame, Mississauga


Nobody could possibly propose a better place to fulfil their Indian food (or more specifically, Pani Puri) cravings, than an Indian buffet. Here at Tandoori Flame's Mississauga location, you will be bombarded with options. This spot has 150+ food options, easily claiming the title as the largest Indian buffet in North America! And did I mention that it's entirely halal? What a perfect fit to ultimately cater to Mississauga's Muslim community.

The interior is definitely a work of art. The atmosphere and design is well played throughout the entire restaurant, from entrance, to seating, to the extensive buffet. It was hard to believe the amount of options that we were so overwhelmed with. I'm simply curious of the Brampton Tandoori Flame location.





Pani Puri to devour!


Look out for the Goat Stew Soup next!


IMG 1024
Assortments of Roti and Naan Breads

IMG 1046
Butter Chicken!




I immediately attended to the pani puri for the first round, it definitely needed my loving! And it was the exact perfect chewy, tangy and crispy  combination that I've been longing for. A pani puri is a popular Indian street food, but at Tandoori Flame, you can diy this beauty yourself! A fried hollow shell, splashed with a tangy tamarind sauce, potato, chickpeas, mint sauce and onions.

Another favourite was the Goat Stew. The amount of flavoursome care put into this was unreal, it was easily the best goat soup I've ever had. We also added crisps from the Pani Puri in this. It went together perfectly.

Beautiful moats of Indian Curries divided by Basmati Rice


My forever favourite curry will always be the Butter Chicken, and as expected, Tandoori Flame did not make any slip ups with this dish! The meats in each curry was tender and simply melted. Very nice! I also enjoyed the roti station. Here, you're able to pick up one of many varieties of naan, or request a roti!

Tandoori Chicken, Fish Pakora & Chicken Wings

Beverages that we enjoyed along this journey were the Masala Shikanji and Signature Tandoori. No further details were listed of the Signature Tandoori, but I'd like the assume that it was fill with berries and mango. Both incredibly refreshing, the shakes were especially tasty! The dessert options are a set of adventurous ones. Featuring popular Indian sweets of Galub Jamun, Jalebi, Pantua & assorted Custards.


Tandoori Flame features a wide range of items - 150+ of them! It is a fantastic all-halal pick to fulfil all of your Indian cravings... There's even a Tandoori Pizza! What's great about buffets is that there's something for everybody! The pricing is just right as well, $14~ for lunch and $20~ for dinner. There's absolutely no going wrong.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sea Witch Fish & Chips, St. Clair West

No kidding, Fish & Chips is a true art! Sea Witch Fish & Chips opened its doors on St. Clair West in mid 2014, invisioning to become the top-of-the-mind spot for the occasional fish-and-chips cravings! Since then, this cozy spot has developed it's dedicated regulars for a very special reason, it's  incredibly crispy and golden batter... this spot made "Top New Restaurants of 2014" for a mighty reason! Sea Witch Fish & Chips offers five varieties of fishArctic Char, Atlantic Haddock, Pickerel, Pacific Halibut & Pacific Cod. Along with these tasty varieties of fish, SWF&C also has special sides - including, a Halibut Poutine! Now, that, I'm curious of. Fish & Chip prices start at $11 - and $6 for the kids! You better bet Sea Witch is kid-friendly.


Take away ready to wrap and go!


"The Witch's Brew" (House Chowder), $6
Ah, The Witch's Brew, very well named. This house chowder is filled with the house's fish favourites: Pickerel and Halibut! A dash of pepper is all that is required to elevate the flavours into my (new) favourite chowder, ever! Along with the soft and delicious pieces of fish, there are potatoes, onions and carrots. So simply and heavily flavoursome, I enjoyed it!

San Pellegrino Carbonated Water & Old Tyme The Great Jamaican Ginger Beer, $3

Onion Rings, $5
Sea Witch has a one of a kind batter, one of which they have contributed a tremendous amount of time and labour into perfecting. It only takes three mere ingredients! The flavours were heavy in beef talon and held a heavy crunch! In all - I can compare it's elasticity and savoury texture to that of a Chinese Doughnut.

We have the Onion Rings, so beautifully presented! There is a heavy amount of batter enveloping it. With each bite, you'll have a mouthful of oily batter and a mere sliver of onion. A definite treat, but it is a definite must-try at a price of $5!


Next up is the Halibut Cake! The first ever Fish Cake I've seen that has been made up of Halibut! And it really worked well! It was all complimented incredibly with a pickled vegetables that I can't quite put my finger on yet. I finished the whole saucer of it.

The Slaw that SWF&C serves up is extraordinarily well balanced. I love a good slaw to cut through the oils of fish and chips, this was the holy grail that glided me through the dishes. The slaw is simply created with cabbage and parsley, the parsley in the mix lifted the whole dish, making it a must-order with your Fish & Chips!

You can never forget Old Tyme's Ginger Beer with your plate of Fish & Chips! The best!


Pacific Halibut Fish & Chips, $15
Ah, and what we've all been preparing for... The plate that Sea Witch would like you to run back for: Fish and Chips! The fries were absolutely heavenly, gosh. Each uniformly cut in-house, and fried in a good ol' Talon Beef Oil. It was heavily crispy, and the bite was as though you were biting into a mash. It was perfect. Easily making the list of one of the best fries that I've ever devoured! The fish on the other hand, as beautifully thick and coloured as it appeared - the batter was all that I found myself cutting through. I found a mere Halibut less than a centimetre thick beneath the heavy batter. This dish was easily saved in the beauty of the fries and zesty, creamy and chunky Tartare sauce. You've done it right, Sea Witch!

The batter is a definite treat, they've truly perfected the most elastic, chewy and savoury batter made our of three simple ingredients! I am very impressed. I would certainly make a return for the The Witch's Brew House Chowder, a slaw and Halibut Cakes & Chips combo as my orders for my next visit! I also enjoyed their housemade treats, each presented in a tackle box and ordered by the bag, these are very well made!



Toffee Shortbread & Caramel Chocolate Squares





Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cook + Learn with Zespri Kiwifruit at Nella Cucina

Kiwifruits have not left my mind for the past 36 hours. The Kiwifruit has been revolutionized! I am back at the Nella Cucina Kitchen, and this time, have a Kiwi in the palm of my hand. An exciting lunch ahead hosted by the Zespri Kiwifruit team and chef, Devin Connell of Delica Kitchen. Two varieties are showcased throughout this Zespri cooking class: The Green and SunGold Kiwifruit. 

We explored the multiple ways kiwi can be added into our meals and become the star of the show! Our menu for the afternoon:
Starter: Kiwifruit Gazpacho
Main: Kiwifruit & Corn Salsa Tacos with Halibut and Jicama & Carrot Slaw
Dessert: Kiwifruit Sorbet with Ginger, Coconut & Lime

The underrated super-food superstar, I've been convinced that it is one of the ultimate fruits to add to my grocery list. We were swiftly educated on the countless nutritious benefits of ingesting a single kiwifruit. Kiwi is a low-carb and low-fat option. There were an overwhelming amount of points, that I've gathered my own list:
- One kiwifruit equates to half the fiber one bowl of cereal contains
- One kiwifruit contains 240% of the daily recommended dosage of Vitamin C
- One kiwifruit contains more potassium than your plain ol' banana
- One kiwifruit contains plenty of exclusive vitamins and minerals: it is high in antioxidants, zinc and vitamin E, and also contains 10% of the daily recommended intake of foliate, contains 15mg of magnesium and lutein for the eyes
...That's a lot of benefits in one fruit!

A refreshing Sungold Kiwitini, a splash of vodka, filled with delicate chunks of sweet Kiwi. 


Kiwifruit Gazpacho
This gazpacho was perfection, I loved the idea of adding Kiwifruit into a usually, vegetable-based soup! It was smooth, tangy and well-balanced. Recipe here.

Cooking demo in action

Fish and Tofu tacos toppling up to serve

Kiwifruit & Corn Salsa Tacos with Halibut and Jicama & Carrot Slaw
This Taco was a looker, I sure beat my social media timeline's #TacoTuesday with the addition of Kiwifruit! The Jicama & Carrot Slaw was beautiful, and simple. The mixture of kiwi and corn made the perfect salsa.

The menu line up was perfect, and it all led up to a delicious finish! To end, we had an assortment of cookies from Delica Kitchen and a Kiwi Sorbet, beautifully complimented with ginger, lime and coconut. I am impressed.


Zespri Kiwifruit hosted a delightful lunch on a beautiful day. It was an informative afternoon led by Zespri Kiwifruit team and Devin Connell has opened my mind up to contributing Kiwifruit to my fruit basket! There were many healthy alternatives introduced, and an interesting perspective taken on the delicious Kiwifruit. Thank you to Zespri Kiwifruit and Ketchum for organizing a wonderful event.