Y2K Supercafe, Haymarket

4:01 PM

After our trip to Balmain, we headed to Chinatown. Trammie had been wanting to grab fishballs since we arrived in the city, so, off we went! We headed into Y2K Supercafe. It was my first time here. The colourful menus along the side were intriguing but I wasn't up for anything on this visit.

The sweets look interesting and they had a wide range of drinks.

Serving counter and utensils to go

 Prices for fishballs by stick are listed on an A4 yellow sheet above

 Letting fishballs simmer in hot water then transferring it into the sauce

Tram ordered a box and three skewers to eat in, the total was $20.
Box of oily goodness (16 pcs @ $11)

Chili fishballs (12pcs @ $9)

I've tried fishballs on one occasion during the Friday night markets in Chinatown and multiple times at Superdish in Cabramatta. The ones at Cabramatta are not as great as these ones, I wouldn't even say these are too shnazzy. The sauce is right but I'd expect the fishballs to have more flavour. I don't think anyone would ever beat those fishballs I had in Canada back when I was 16... I remember standing outside the mall and a man had his little cart set up selling a variety of seafood/fishballs $1 for 4-5 in a plastic cup with your choice of delicious sauces... Incredible. 

Well anyway, fishballs round' here aint that great. I get excited whenever there's a bunch of fishballs infront of me, ready to eat... But my tastebuds will never understand the hype of Syd's Chinatown Fish Balls.

Y2K Supercafe 
43 Dixon Street, 
Haymarket NSW
Australia 2000
(02) 9281 2363

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