Sunday, December 2, 2012

Emperor's Cream Puffs, Haymarket

Of course, if you're Asian and live in the west, your parents must have made their weekly shopping trips down to Cabramatta, coming back with a box of custard filled puffs. There is a small set up when you prance down the CBD of Haymarket's Chinatown, which is only noticeable by the small queue at any time of the day.

Emperor's Cream Puff, which I believe is a branch of Emperor's Garden Cake & Bakery next door to the left. 

 Prices are 30c each or $1 for 4

 Queuing up

 It is literally like a factory going on here, the machines running constantly with one worker popping each custard puff off as soon as it is finished.

 $1 for 4 Cream Puffs

Adorable shape - they're like acorns!

Custard goodness while it's warm. I like these much better than Cabramatta's!

Emperor's Cream Puffs
96-100 Hay Street 
Haymarket NSW 
Australia 2000
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