Emperor's Cream Puffs, Haymarket

4:59 PM

Of course, if you're Asian and live in the west, your parents must have made their weekly shopping trips down to Cabramatta, coming back with a box of custard filled puffs. There is a small set up when you prance down the CBD of Haymarket's Chinatown, which is only noticeable by the small queue at any time of the day.

Emperor's Cream Puff, which I believe is a branch of Emperor's Garden Cake & Bakery next door to the left. 

 Prices are 30c each or $1 for 4

 Queuing up

 It is literally like a factory going on here, the machines running constantly with one worker popping each custard puff off as soon as it is finished.

 $1 for 4 Cream Puffs

Adorable shape - they're like acorns!

Custard goodness while it's warm. I like these much better than Cabramatta's!

Emperor's Cream Puffs
96-100 Hay Street 
Haymarket NSW 
Australia 2000
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