Kaysone Sweets, Cabramatta

10:44 PM

There are so many places in Cabramatta to have a refreshing drink, there's just so little time. I've walked by this store since the time I landed in Australia. A Laos store that sells both sweet and savoury goods. I think there will be more posts to come with each new thing I try.

One of my absolute favourite drinks are Halo-halo, basically a dessert with a number of glutinous sweets, a syrup, shaved ice and a scoop of ice cream. I've always purchased mine from Yummi Sweets because they can never go wrong but I decided to try out this place for a change.

Walls adorned with what they have on their menu, especially featuring their smoothies.

 Their menu propped up on the wall.

Choices of drinks with sizes increasing by 50c

 I'll have a medium Halo-halo please! Six choices - I chose (from what I can name) some colourful sweets, grass jelly and jackfruit.

 They had three tables in the shop for sitting and nomming

 $4 later, got my halo-halo with (disappointingly, melted) ice cream.

Nommed on the train. Wasn't anything special. I am definitely sticking to Yummi Sweets for these goods.

I will try their savoury treats next time, the have chicken feet salad, fritters and beef jerky from what I remember.

Kaysone Sweets
Shop 4, 59-61 Park Road 
Cabramatta NSW 
Australia 2166

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