Pho Hien, Canley Heights

3:05 PM

One of my favourite things to eat is this. (I took twenty minutes to venture off googling what the name of this is in Viet but ended up getting sidetracked within the first new tab opened. Whoops)

D.I.Y Rice paper with Sugarcane prawns, beef, shredded pork, spring rolls with delicate lil noodles
 I think that I am an expert in rice paper roll crafting.

Delicious fish sauce for dip, I absolutely drench all the goods in this goodness

With the perfect balance of veggies, savoury bits and noodles, you have yourself a roll!

Pho Hien is great for most dishes, but not this.

Pho Hien
3/236 Canley Vale Road 
Canley Heights NSW 
2166 (02) 9728 6688

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