Monster Steakhouse, Liverpool

3:37 AM

A windy day out in Liverpool, after a browse at the shops for a few hours which flew by pretty quick, we made use of our group buying coupon down at Monster Steakhouse. I was pretty sure Monster Steakhouse was in one of the smaller streets in Liverpool.... That hidden place with massive doors? 

They moved down to Macquarie Street, not far from their old place.
 I didn't know what to expect. Looked very much like a family diner.

We were seated outside as it was a lot more stuffy inside the place. Straight away greeted by a waitress who tried to intrigue us into purchasing flashing cups.

Their menu - Overpriced, surely.

After receiving a jug of water, which absolutely tasted like soap.. I was only hoping it was lemon. It wasn't. And a good 25 minutes later...
Our plates came by, I had ribs and my mate had chicken breast

The chips were the only highlight, I'm picky with my meat. I felt as though I was chowing through dog food. I enjoyed the flavours and mix though, plain ol' average.

Chocolate bavarian slice with a scoop of ice cream

I am pretty damn sure this is straight out of the pack, it was frothy and nothing great.

It's a family diner and I am a bit uneasy about their future around here, how have they stayed around for so long... No idea. I wouldn't come here again. I had a great time chilling with my mate though, so +1, kinda.

Monster Steakhouse
361 Macquarie St
Liverpool NSW
Australia 2170
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