Dominoes, Cabramatta

3:12 PM

Dominoes or Pizza Hut? My definite answer is always Dominoes.

I have not eaten pizza in so long, with their half off deal going on one merry day, I was certain I had to get myself a box... or two......

My favourite toppings from for pizza is hawaiian, and from Dominoes to be specific, this bacon and mustard goodness (they don't have anymore) and garlic prawns

So I ordered my two loves they had available, hawaiian and garlic prawns...
 It was quite different....

And of course the ranch dip to go.

M m m mm m m m!

Hi lil prawn

It was average and I got sick of it after the first bite.

Dominoes, you have failed me.

8/24-32 Hughes Street
Cabramatta NSW
Australia 2166
1300 366 466

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