Dragon Boat, Darling Harbour

2:25 PM

My friend and I had plans to attend the Explore Europe expo down at the convention centre. We got to the city and were starving! Chowing on our easyway and boost, we searched around harbourside for a place to eat.

We were particularly looking for lunch specials - I never eat out for lunch! So I had to snatch something up...

We had a closer look at Dragon Boat's menu and proceeded inside.

 The decor suited the place

The tables are fancy, we decided to sit outside.

Daaaammmmn, you're doing well Dragon Boat. Best table.
 *Sigh, life.

 Seated, we browsed through the menu

Well helllllloooo specials menu!
They had three 'banquets' to choose from, all at different prices.

I ordered from banquet B ($12.30), and my friend, from banquet A ($9.80). Each banquet had a choice of rice/fried rice and a list of dishes.The difference between mine and hers was that we had a different list of dishes to choose from and that I got an entree dish.

Received our complimentary homemade ice lemon tea. It was pretty good stuff but we were too caught up in our Boost and Easyway


 We both choose fried rice- this was nice!

Our servings for everything were incredibly small...
My pork spare ribs with peking sauce

My friend's sweet sour pork (this was her first time trying it, golly...)

Both our dishes tasted as though they had the same sauce...

Straight out of the freezer eh, you took your sweet time getting here
Two hargows? I was already pretty filled up but c'mon, you can do better than that.

 We had a nice time chilling, taking our time nomming everything up.

The portions were pretty small but we were stuffed as we took nearly an hour to eat haha.

Dragon boat's banquet specials were alright. You get what you pay for. Especially for a place right at Harbourside. The portions were pretty small and their food simply reminded me of food court food, where you're given a plate and you go along the line scooping up a bit of goods from each section.... I think I would have done better off there though. 

Dragon Boat
445 - 451, Darling Drive,
Darling Harbour NSW 2000
(02) 9212 2722
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