Easy Way Tea, Darling Harbour

1:04 AM

Everytime I order from this place, I always order my good ol' milk tea with pearls. Can't possibly go wrong with that.

Ooooh, what's this? 1lt cup any drink you desire? I can do that.

I've always shared my easy way drinks, I really thought I'd chuck this away after my 1/3 way through

Oh hai 

Easyway is one of the many milk tea shops open across our area, there's Cha Time and Happy Cup.... Nothing beats Easyway in my opinion.

Customise to your desire meep

I've never tried anything besides their Milk tea, Apple jasmine iced tea and Lychee shake! 


1lt Milk tea with pearls ($6) - You aint got nuthin on me

 Sat our asses down at Dragon Boat and slurped away

Good stuff.
 Chucked some ice in from our lemon teas at Dragon Boat hehe

One hour and a bit later later and I'm up to here.

Took me a good hour and a half to finish! Worth the $6.

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