Tan Viet Noodle House, Cabramatta

6:44 PM

I remember the last time I had Crispy Noodle Chicken from this place, it was quite a while ago. My dad came home with take away, I never liked it at all. (What an unappreciative rat, I know.)

I went down here for brunch the other day. I wasn't too keen on going down here but my mate was up for it so I was like why not.....

We had a cute little seat

Fish sauce

Crispy skin chicken, looks pretty good actually...

The set up

My longan and lotus seed drink, yum!

Tossed over some sprouts and a chicken (and after instagramming for 5 minutes), time to eat!

They had some sort of sauce going on at the bottom too

Noodles, lettuce, sprouts and chicken dipped in dish sauce - I'M READY FOR YA

The chicken was incredible.. just wow. Perfect amount of crunchiness and cooked just right. I never usually like eating chicken at places outside of my home because it's always way too dried out but this was just right!

I've been so biased over these years, absolutely avoiding walking into the doors of this restaurant.... The food was pretty damn good! Of course I'd come down here again, chicken cooked perfectly to how I want it, rare to find!

Tan Viet
3/100 John Street
Cabramatta NSW
Australia 2166
(02) 9727 6853
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