How to: Shapeshifting Strawberries

5:39 AM

49c a punnet at my local grocers? Well, my golly, I'll buy one please!
Tis' the strawberry season to be jolly. I've never liked strawberries but with these outrageously low prices these past few weeks, I will love them (until they learn to love themselves ...okay no more references.)

To make them that little bit more appealing to eat, why not make them pretty?
Sprinkle em over your breakfast!

Each strawberry will make 3-4 hearts depending on one of the two methods you follow.
Remember to wash them before you begin! We will be eating them straight away :)

Heart Shaped Strawberries
Method 1:
 1. Grab a strawbaby

2. Tops awwwf!

3. Slice from top downwards , make sure you start from the outside of the white circle, 1 millemetre inwards.
Once cut, you will have three pieces.

4. Piece 1: - So pretty!

5. Now cut a little v shape with your knife

Repeat step 5 with the two other pieces.

 Piece 2: Slice just the same

 Piece 3: Slice!

And you will end up with three beautiful simple heart shaped strawberries. Wasn't that easy!

Now, method two, the difference between the this method and the previous one is that we will be slicing it into four instead!

Method 2:
1. Tops off and slice in half

2. Grab one half

3. Slice a millimetre from the edge inwards from the white circle

4. Slice! Like this!

5. And cut into a 'v'

Repeat steps 2 - 5 with the other half.

And you have beautiful strawberry heart shaped treats!

Now sprinkle em on your food for a sweet treat...
Dig in!

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