Recipe: Simple Breakfast Trifle

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Whats up homies!

On one of my Saturday morning trips down to the grocers, I decided to pick up some fruits! The fruits I had in mind (watermelon and rockmelon) were too expensive for my little pockets.. So I decided to only grab the ones on sale. I'm incredibly stingy when it comes to shopping for fruits and veggies. I will trek an extra 20 minutes just to get a dozen of eggs cheaper by $1.

So I came home with my strawberries, kiwi and dried apricot which I planned to use everyday for my breakfast this week- museli, yogurt and fruits - and thought, why not make it pretty? So I scurried to the kitchen (when I was meant to be studying... as usual.. even now...) and chopped away, making an innocent and tasty treat, my fruits n' oats trifle.

I've decided to write down the prices as well incase you're only looking to spend a certain amount (what I always look for when I look for recipes!). But some of the items I had purchased a while ago and don't remember the prices, so apologies!

I always buy homebrand for all products if it's available. Because I am a cheapass and I want to get value for my money.

Fruits were purchased from my local grocer. They always sell their goods for way less than anywhere else (score!) so it may cost more where ever you are heading to.

I have quite noobie photos, I used my phone for all the shots like usual. I really miss using my camera.

Serves: 4
(And leftover fruits for snacking :))
*1 cup Natural yogurt 
(or flavoured. Natural is a lot cheaper though and you can sweeten it with anything you already have in your house!) - $5.49/2 kg
*7 Strawberries 
$4 for 3 punnets (Depends on season soz)
*3/4 cup Quick oats 
(I haven't tried it with any other type of oats) - $2-3
(Any really. I chose almond flavour because it's my favourite!) - $1.59 (This asian grocer has had it for sale for 2 months! 'OK supermarket' they have a few shops in Cabramatta and one in Neeta City!)
*6 dried apricots - 1 and a half for each trifle! 
(Optional. Mainly bought this to look pretty) - A horrible, $4.99 a packet.
*A kiwi
$1.89/kg, 20c each
*1/4 cup Sultanas

What you need:
*4 plastic/glass cups/bowls - 
to put your trifles in, preferrably smaller ones 6-ish cm in diameter (size of mine)
*A mortar and pestle - 
to crush your cookies into bits! (Or you can use a sandwich bag and anything else to crush it)
*A small bowl/container - 
to plump up your sultanas

*You WILL make a mess, especially with all the oats going everywhere. Just a warning hehe
*Even if you don't like sultanas, they will MAKE the whole treat, all the ingredients are incredibly plain, especially the plain yogurt! If you really don't want to use sultanas, you can sweeten up the trifle with golden syrup!


 Cups of my choice

Okay, lets get started!

1. Sultanas
 Grab three tablespoons of sultanas and place them in a container/bowl. Boil some hot water enough to just fill the sultanas

 Hot water poured in and wait minimum 3 minutes! You can leave them in for longer and proceed chopping up your fruits.

 Three minutes is over, drain the water.
Get a paper towel or serviette and place it over a bowl
 Pour your sultanas in to dry.

2. Fruits
Cut up your kiwis and strawberries! Make them into little bite size pieces.
Cut up your dried apricots to even smaller, you want the yogurt to fatten up the apricot a bit.

4. Cookies!
 Boy oh boy how often I have snacked on these babies. You need two tablespoons of these crumbs for each trifle. I used one and a half cookies!

 Ready to crush! (Times like these I wish I had three hands)

 You don't want to crush them too finely, just very lightly. If they're too fine they'll go all soggy!

 Divide them evenly - I spooned two tablespoons into each cup.

 Looking fine!

 For presentation, using your spoon, make a little ditch in the middle so the crumbs look more visible along the side! 

5. Time to fill em' up!
 Starting with strawberries, spoon one and a half tablespoons of strawberries into each.

 Next kiwis, you want one tablespoon into each.

 Then sultanas, you want to scatter one tablespoon (or less) across. 

6. Make it fancy
Now grab a spoon!

Using two tablespoons of yogurt, pour along the edges first then fill up the middle.

You want to focus on filling the gaps along the side of the fruits so it looks pretty dripping.

7. Oats!
With each layer of yogurt, you will put one and a half  to two tablespoons of oats, the oats will absorb the yogurt.

Make sure you fill it up along the sides!

And it should look like this.

Now go for it and add the rest of the fruits on top, distributing them evenly. 
 Top it off with the dried apricots!

Since this is the very top, you should be careful not to make any spills. Start with a tablespoon of yogurt and spread it across the top, filling any gaps.

Try to achieve a flat-ish top.

 All four complete!

 Make sure your hands are clean! Now hold the cup as shown above and sprinkle oats across. Holding it like this will help guide where the oats fall, it's a lot easier to get the edges.

You all look so pretty!! *Why thank u Alice*

Oh and don't forget the finishing touch!
 Get a strawberry and cut it 2/3 of the way down.


yea yeaaa!

Voila! (I made another trifle in the process with the leftovers hehehe)

You are done! You have just made your first breakfast (or lunch/dessert/dinner/midnight snack) trifle!

This treat is incredibly filling, it's like a meal! And much healthier than your typical commercial brand cereal so why not head up to your local grocers and try making one today!

I assume this will keep in the fridge for 2-3 days.

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