How to: Growing scallions in water! + Progress video!

7:32 PM

I go through stalks and stalks of green onions whenever I cook. It's ridiculous! So I decided to try this method after purchasing a bunch of green onions for $1.49 at my local grocer, cut it about two inches from the roots and set it in water.

These babies will be the key to our success, pretty little roots.

Okay so the way the scallions grow is from the holes! Pretty cool!


1. Grab your scallions and trim them put to the lighter green/white bit.
I trimmed just above where they split!
 2. Fill up the container/cup you want to use with water. Half a cup of water will be fine (but it depends on how narrow your container is). I used a greek yogurt container from Coles! I've always used this container to store my nuoc mam :D, super handy!

 3. Emmerse the trimmed scallions into the water, root side down of course.

And that's it!


 Yay, there you go!

I propped them at my kitchen window sill because they look cute like that :)
The one on the right, I did 2 days before the left one! You can see how much it's grown :)

Annnd zoomed in,
See how they're growing from the inside?!

Progress video whats up!


Edit: Things I've noted after all this...
*The plant will eat up the water! You need to refill it every few days..
*I've snipped mine off three times and it's still growing!
*It makes a pretty sight on your kitchen window sill ☺

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