Wi Marn Thai Restaurant, Chatswood

5:23 AM

My sister and I had bought two $8.90 coupons for an entree and main at Wi Marm from Food Morning last year in October and had decided to go and make use of those coupons today.

We hadn't realised Chatswood was so far and after 1 hour and 20 minutes and a short walk from the train station, we had arrived just in time for our booking at Wi Marm. 

Upon entering, the waiter greeted us with a bow which I thought was pretty cute and proceeded to direct us to our table.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is very cosy and inviting, it was clear that much thought went into the decor along the walls and little pieces near the tables. I loved it!

The staff members were very friendly and polite. I thought it was sweet that the waiter attended to each customer individually with a bowl of rice and water, asking if they wanted a refill!

 Cute little puppets in different stances hanging from the lamps

 Napkins neatly folded on each plate

Cute little wooden vases along the window sill next to each table

My sister and I had ordered Kari Curry Puffs and Chicken Spring Rolls for entree.

Kari Curry Puffs

Chicken Spring Rolls

Both entrees came with sweet chili dipping sauce which went very well with both dishes.
They were both full of flavour and I thought were perfect little treats, my sister and I enjoyed it very much! The Kari Puff was especially tasty and had a wonderful texture, I want to learn how to make it!

Next came our mains, I had ordered Panang Beef and my sister had ordered Green Curry both with a side of Jasmine Rice.

 Panang Beef 

Green Curry Chicken

It was my first time going to a Thai restaurant (Not just Thai & Laos) so I didn't really know what to expect of the mains. My sister eats Thai food often and likes it so I thought I would too!
The taste was very very unique compared to anything I have ever tried it had a mixture of buttery sweetness and spicyness... but I didn't feel like I would ever want to eat it again. My sister enjoyed her dish and thought mine was tasty too! Turns out, Thai food isn't for me.

Overall, I absolutely loved the entrees, especially the curry puffs, mmhmm! But I guess Thai mains are an acquired taste - my sister loved it (she eat Thai food often)! The service was fantastic and I would definitely come back again if I was in the area. I wish the best for this place :).

7 Help Street 
Chatswood NSW 2067 
(02) 9411 7351
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