Event: Fairfield South American Food Festival

4:57 AM

I absolutely love trying new food. Food festival in my area? I'm there.
I heard about this event in June and was so excited knowing that it was sooo soon!!! I didn't expect anything big though, but it was still pretty suhhweeet.

So last night..... To say the least, I went to bed at 6ish.... Oh was I over my head thinking that I'd be able to wake up and meet up with Steph at 9:30. :( I'm bad.

We ended up heading out at 10:30. Our whole point of the day together was to have breakfast at this cafe and check out the festival. But entering the cafe, it wasn't very intriguing.... So we left for the festival!

 At Golo, So many pretty trees!

I wanted an adorable breakfast... Yeah... They didn't have it..

Strrraaaight to Spencer st!
 We were there pretty early. The festival starts at 11!

'One play per person'.... I ended up playing three times, Steph once.

 Yeah... We lost all 4 times...  The guy ended up giving us the toys hehehehe


Awww, you are such a beautiful colour!

 Prancing down the road!

Selling Beef and Cheese Empanadas

Got me self a beef one

They didn't have many food stalls... just 5!


 They sold a heap of hot food here... The time I wanted to buy food, they weren't selling anything :(

Starting up the charcoal chicken at the back!

Very beautiful sweets!

Got myself a dessert... Funky name! 'Prince Humberto' lol

 Steph brought me some sweets that her bf's sis got from her trip to Chile! Such a sweety.

It was nice but got sick of it....

I really wanted a drink.... Felt weird seeing all these drinks I dont know!

And sauces....

Handmade bits and bobs

This was adorable. The kids were to kick the ball into the goal to get a little prize. The guys were so enthusiastic hahaha

Jam tarts. I wish I had the stomach to try everything! I was so full :( bummer

Great idea to have shelter, tables and chairs for people to chill!

 The tea tent where they told us a bit about 'mate' tea and tried it out ourselves!

Some hot water

And sugar... And the stirring thing is a spoon and straw at the same time!

there were even these little flaps to hold the cup. So cute!


They also had chairs and mats so people and sit, drink and chill!

funky straw/stirrer.

People prancing outside Neeta City

Looks DELICIOUS. Need to try it one day...

Also took this photo from outside the window hehe.

All my goodies.

Old man is pimpin with his gold cane! Love it

Big version of my toy :D

Cultural performances

 Quenching my thirst

Also got my Bellabox in the mail! The bonus... this choco
Awesome day! Realised, I always have awesome days with Steph (yes u hehe).

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