Pancakes on the Rocks, Northmead

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I've been to Pancakes on the Rocks three times before this, I've never thought it was very nice at all. Every dish (and drinks) they have seem a bit off... besides the wedges of course, but this time that I went down to Pancakes, their wedges weren't very nice either.. The only dish I look forward to!

Dinner and we weren't sure where to head, impulsively went down to Pancakes on the Rocks at Northmead.

 Iced Mocha ($3.95) and LLB ($2.40)

We ordered pizza and the usual wedges, I wasn't expecting much but how can you stuff up pizza? 

 Chicken and bacon ($17.95) 
Chicken breast pieces with bacon, fresh and sundried tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, tomato salsa on a guacamole and mozzarella cheese base. Topped with sour cream, guacamole and shallots.

Pancakes have just withdrawn my theory that pizza cannot be ruined.... oddest combination going on here, come on, sour cream and guacamole? How does that go?

 Wedges ($6.95) + Sour Cream & Sweet Chili ($2.00)

Ehhh. So of course we had to get one of their classic plates of dessert. I must be pretty damn hard to please. I thought this was not nice at all, my friend though opposite.
 Devil's Delight ($13.95)
To die for...Our chocolate pancakes with strawberries, cream, chocolate ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Didn't sway me at all.

I should just stop ordering any pancakes/crepes/pizza sort of dishes at Pancakes. Always dissapoints me. The only savoury dish that was close to okay was their Chicken and Mushroom crepe. Their Seafood and Mexicana crepes are pretty dissapointing. I will get ribs next time! Better be good.

What I've tried before this visit...:

I've always heard of Pancakes on the Rocks years ago and only got around to going down there recently, I do not understand what's so special about this place. Ya'll ridiculous.

100 Briens Road 
Northmead, NSW

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