How to: Make SuperMi actually taste like the 'Mi Goreng Original'

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So.... you've fallen for the trap. Coming across this amazing bargain at the grocers... No way! Mi goreng for that cheap? Not hesitating for a second, getting through the cash register, getting home, ripping the packet open, pouring all the ingredients in.... then realising..... This is not mi goreng! 

Taking a second look at the packet, 'Supermi'... What the hell is Supermi??!

This is what real migoreng looks like!

My sister had purchased the wrong mi goreng instant noodle packet and said that it tasted pretty bad. I told her, it can't be that bad! I'll try it. She warned me not to, but I proceeded to anyway. Being the migoreng instant noodle expert that I am, I'm pretty sure that I can make this taste good.

So come along with me on my journey to make this into a edible dish! -And you may just save a bit more, purchasing the alternative 'SuperMi' rather than the actual original, mouthwatering, MiGoreng simply by following my steps hehe.

Ripping open the packet and inspecting all the elements:

 Instant noodles and two sauce packets

Fine chili flakes/powder, Bumbu, Fried onion (which I forgot to add later.. I always forget!), 'Kecap' sauce and flavoured oil
Heat up some water in my $9 kettle

Soak up for 4 minutes

I tasted some of the Kecap sauce and it tasted really odd... Left a weird after taste, so, it was best if I only used a bit
Use the whole oil packet and half of the 'Kecap' sauce

 ...Now, make your own adjustments! 
Viet Sriracha sauce n Panda Oyster sauce

There's quite a few types of sriracha an oyster sauces... with slightly of different tastes.. If you want to be in the (Viet) game, you gotta specifically purchase these two above.

3/4 teaspoon oyster sauce

 As much chili as you desire, using viet sriracha sauce of course! I used (squeezed a bit more after this) 1/2 teaspoon, and half of the packet of chili powder that came with the noodles

 Mix it all up!

Then my secret method (top secret, cannot share.)
Theeen, chucked the noodles on my $2 mini pan from Kmart for 4 mins on high (which set my fire alarm off), steam a few beans and toss covered with salt and pepper on the same pan for 3 minutes and cook one egg. 


-Oh, and don't forget the fried onions! (I did. Meep.)

Tasted just like migoreng.

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