Fatman Catering, St Johns Park

9:53 PM

Hopping into the car of my mate's, we pondered on where to go. It's been a monthly tradition of ours for months, going to cute places for dinner. It was 10:30PM, particularly late by the time we were both free, I couldn't think of many options. "Fatmans!" I excitedly suggested, looking at him with the biggest grin on my face - I've heard so much, and have seen so many food images of this place and have so badly wanted to go for so long. "Are you serious?..." he laughed. I nodded surely.

We drove into a small parking lot with a row of closed convenient stores. There was one shop set in the middle of the rest of them, glowing of green. 

 I was so excited walking in, there was a few tables in and outside and a high metal counter. The floors of the place reminded me of one of a butcher. But definitely not a place to take your date :p. It was a lot more shabbier than I imagined it to be, haha.

There was a wide menu lined up along the wall and the base of the counter. I stared at the whole thing, completely overwhelmed by the selection.

We both ordered a Chicken Shnitzel, he had mushroom sauce and I had prawn sauce. There were so many types of sauces you could choose from! Plain, parmigiana, bosicola, creamy garlic prawns, asparagus cream sauce (with bacon and cheese), chilli con carne (with cheese, guacamole and sour cream) and marinara!

Chicken Schnitzel with Creamy Garlic Prawn ($14.00)
(with a side of salad, chips and a drink!)
This was FANTASTIC. Oh my god. Look at this amazing proportion! I couldn't even finish the whole thing. Why have I not tried this earlier????! AND THERE ARE SO MANY MORE THINGS ON THE MENU THAT I WOULD MOST ABSOLUTELY WANT TO TRY. I feel saddened that I have not visited that place again... Drats. Damn Canada!

Check out the rest of the menu here! And there's many more in the other tabs... Oh my god.

Fatman Catering
3A/57 Canberra St
St Johns Park, NSW
2176 Australia

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