Mina Bakery, Fairfield

10:44 PM

I've been in this area for the past four months, walked past these places daily. Everytime I felt up for trying something new, this place was already closed. Last weekend I finally went for it and tried one of their pizzas.

  I only know oregano by the overwhelming smell of opening the container of dried oregano leaves to sprinkle into my pasta sauce. 

I walk past this same menu twice (or more) a day, and am always amazed at the price... $1.50 for an oregano pizza? that's ridiculous.

I pranced in, the interior was very simple. A few tables and chairs to sit and eat, and condiments along the wall of each table.

There was a picture menu below too. Good idea.

And already baked goods ready to sell at the window display.

I need to try one of their meaty dishes one day.

I ordered one oregano pizza to take away. I waited about 7 minutes for them to bake the pizza.

Sitting at the table patiently waiting :3. Hi condiments.

 Home sweet home, kinda excited to rip into this!

It was massive! The size of a lebanese flat bread. A bit more than 30cm wide.

Smells good and still hot!

Greeny goodness... Doesn't look too appetising..

I ripped myself a quarter.

It was sprinkled with sesame seeds, oil i think and other herbs.

The bread is amazing. I could snack on this all day.

I feel like I'm in minecraft discovering the depths of this foreign land.

The oregano pizza was yummy! Half of it filled me up. Today I had gone to Merrylands - the same bakery, different location, their oregano pizza was delicious -gosh.. I thought the Fairfield one was good! It had a ting of lemon in it. I can't wait to come back on the weekend to order one of their meaty dishes! Nom.

Mina Bakery
9/11 Ware Street
Fairfield NSW 2165
(02) 9723 8460

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