Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ does it right with their new Summer menu

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A BBQ done well is all that I could ever ask for in a good evening, and this is exactly what you will find at Greenwood Smokehouse. This thought is all that ever circulated through my mind with each chomp and slurp at Greenwood BBQ on this warm Monday evening. Open for brunch, lunch and dinner! Located just around the corner from Pape Station (AKA, Greenwood BBQ Station). The passion and warmth of the developing love for barbecue and it's history pours off the walls. Each piece adds a bit of character and are very well placed - the decor alone is what I'd urge my fellow bbq-lovers to come in to admire. 



Here we are for the launch of Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ's new summer menu. There are two house cocktails found on this evening, the first to start is the Smoked Pear Julep. Finding deep and smokey flavours with a light minty kick. Wonderfully smoked in-house, this was the right balance and perfect start.



Out on the patio, we are embraced by a mouth-watering and generously flavoured set of Memphis Rib Tips. Just as you'd imagine, it absolutely fell off the bone, cartilage and all, edible. The best bite, and best ribs I can mark to date. The Memphis Sauce is absolutely perfect. All BBQ items are smoked for 12 hours with Cherry Wood & Oak, talk about a lot of love!

DSC6310 DSC6312


Even ordinary ol' the lemons are beautiful and rustic!

DSC6319 DSC6333

Round two of rib ends, and an introduction to Bookers Bourbon. The perfect smokey fit to an all-smoked BBQ. This is one of a kind and exclusively created, dispatched by the month. The next beverage entrants was the Kensington Watermelon Wheat. Exactly what you could imagine, Watermelon infused in a cold, low carbonated wheaty beverage. It's a wonderful patio drink.



Lipreading: "These Ribs are damn fine, Warren is a genius!"




Greenwood's ever so lovely Social Media captain, Victoria Stewart.


Owner and BBQ extraordinaire: Warren DeSimone 


The "Cobble Salad" ($16) in an aesthetic mixture of arugula, tomatoes,  house cured & smoked bacon, smoked turkey breast, hard-boiled eggs, avocado, blue cheese and lemon balsamic vinaigrette

Here they come, racks of three assortments: Carolina Sauce, Memphis Sauce & Dry-rub


We were in for a real treat. Each rib was just as impressive as the next, my favourite was the Memphis Sauce, without a doubt. One of the best sauces I've ever had on a rib, it is perfection.


Another house cocktail, the Smoked Bourbon Lemonade.

The ultimate BBQ platter, we have chicken wings, pulled pork and beef brisket, paired with double-smoked beans and a well-balanced, sweeter coleslaw. This platter was extremely satisfying, the beef brisket was my absolute favourite of the whole platter.

The every-so-creamy, three cheese Mac & Cheese


The perfect finish, the Smoked Peach Cobbler. This was absolutely delicious. It had the perfect mouthful of sweetness that concluded the entire BBQ dinner.

Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ is the go-to spot for BBQ in the east. The drinks and food items I devoured tonight were phenomenal. You could truly taste and experience the love that Warren DeSimone and chef Mark Andrade put into creating these dishes. Situated right by Pape station, it's an easy find. The Memphis Rib Ends and Brisket are both an absolute must try!

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