Bar Buca, Fashion District

8:35 PM

75 Portland Street
Toronto, ON
Bar - Italian - Open 7AM~2AM

I've fallen in love harder and harder with Bar Buca. Open as early as 7AM (8AM on the weekends), running until last call, at 2AM, There is only a narrow 6 hours that you could possibly miss it for. Yet to experience their dinner menu, it's my definite go to for brunch (onwards from 10AM) whenever I am feeling adventurous and looking for something full of flavour. Situated conveniently by a Green P parking and sharing a condo complex, it can be easily missed, but it will find a cozy spot in your heart as your new favourite brunch spot treat. A beautiful communal gourmet treat; you will be drowned in unfamiliar Italian words, ask for recommendations - or follow my steps. The servers boast confidently - too sure that you'll fall in love with their favourites as well, and I have, I have, with only one dish found to be a miss.
1. Testa ($5)
Crisp Pig's Head, Chili & Marcona Almond

2. Sardella Calabrese ($4)

Fermented immature Smelts, Crostino, Chili & Burrata

Nothing could stop me from making an order of a plate of Testa / Pig Head. It was deadly delicious, deadly because each bite oozed, extracting more and more oil. This was taken in altering, bouncing back and forth inbetween less-oily dishes. It had the perfect amount of spice, and was sliced in the perfect pieces.The Bianchetti was definitely a surprising one, very minimal fishy taste, top-notch bread, and such a tasty fit of burrata.

3. Uova Strapazzate ($14)
Mixed Variety of Farm Eggs, Burrata & Truffle
4. Porchetta Stuffed Focaccia ($12)
Roast Tuscan Pork, Farm Eggs & Mostarda
The Uova Strapazzate was a very wet scrambled egg on a skillet, absolute perfection with a lightly oiled half slice of bread each to batter and down along with it; it was a light start. Now, the Porchetta Stuffed Focaccia HAS to be one of the best things I've eaten this year. It was absolute perfection. The Focaccia was an absolute wonder, it was soft, salty, you could really taste the rosemary throughout. Two pieces are enough though, it is a tad oily, you almost feel it's drenching because of how rich and delicious it is.

5. Cicchetti Bruschetta ($5)
Duck Yolk,  Beech Mushrooms & Truffle
6. Ammazza Fegato ($14)
Tuscan Offal Sausage, Farro, Cavolo Nero & Poached Farm Egg
The Bruschetta was so simple, and surprisingly good, you get a Crostini, nicely goldened and duck yolk spread upon it. The truffle flavouring paired so well, and the seasoned Beech Mushrooms, an absolute gem to down as a trio. With how beautiful it presented itself, and for my love of offals, I really did wish to enjoy the Ammazza Fegato, All I truly admired was being unable to witness a more beautifully poached egg (twice!), it was a true mastered art. I do dig offals, but I couldn't get into this, the whole dish just tasted like a mouth full of flowers, I just couldn't.

Must eats:
Everything I had was a wonder, besides the Offal Sausage that is, but the only dish I would eat over and over again, and have claimed as one of the best dish items I've consumed in 2014, is the Porchetta Stuffed Foccacia ($12).

The service is wonderful, the servers truly know their stuff. I'm always sure for a mouth-gasmic surprise with every visit to this place, there will be plenty more in the future - I know it. Dinner is calling my name next!

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