Steam Whistle Brewing, Entertainment District

3:59 PM

255 Bremner Blvd
Toronto, ON
M5V 3M9, Canada

Promo work is constantly rewarding. I have learnt a heap off the many different people I've met, it has been such an incredible journey being able to keep relationships with beautiful common souls; of course, not to forget, the perks which have come along with being in the right place at the right time. A simple compliment on a snapback of a passerbyer dropped two complimentary brewery tour cards into my little hands. I immediately holla'd at my Food-Adventure girlfriend, and set up our 'Food-Day'.

We were planning on keeping it light since we were hitting up The 3 Brewers after the tour, so we had ourselves a small meal at The Fifth Pub and were now ready for whatever the Steam Whistle Brewing had in store for us. The lead-up to walking towards Steam Whistle is such a pleasant sight, I can imagine it to be a great place to be during the warmer weathers and I cannot wait to come back to this area once the sun comes out to play again.

The wonderful chugs of Steam Whistle derives of water, malt and hops. We received a cuppa each and were ready to make our way up and to the tour. The tour was mixed and held up to - I think it was - 20 people. We happily paraded along, and at times spacing out being fascinated by all of the large mechanical machines and endless amount of kegs throughout. All of the bottles are expected to be recycled, with each one having their labels painted on. I thought that was pretty sweet.

I wasn't too amused at all of the information I was meant to be absorbing. Easily distracted me is like - (First pic) hey look, a hanging tree! (Second pic) Previously mentioned kegs, there were mini one (tiny green ones to the bottom left) and regular sized ones. (Third pic) Love bots you find evverywhere Downtown, there's one in the brewery! (Fourth pic) I had myself a giggle when I saw a Coca-Cola machine and on closer inspection, it was out of order *chuckles.

(First pic) Given a round for each of our satisfaction, (Second pic) we had our go at this mystical sack-throwing-into-the-hole game and by round five, I can confidently say that we are ready to enter the Olympics as a team. (Third pic) ohhh so soft bread with two types of mustard, we happily snatched it up, packed on the mustard, and paraded our light-weight tipsy-selves out.

I really felt like we were really just 'there' and didn't make any impact on learning or gaining much whatsoever... All except that we were way too full for our next food adventure to progress. But on we went anyway, had our delightful walk throughout Nathan Phillips Square, a look at the ginormous reindeer throughout Eatons and lastly, had our pictures taken with Santa at Santa's Cabin before our last meal at The 3 Brewers.

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