Monday, August 12, 2013

Poutini's House of Poutine, Queen Street West

1112 Queen Street West 
Toronto ON 
M6J 1H9 Canada
Poutine - Late Night

With so many Lebanese restaurants in Toronto, I have not seen a Snackpack on a menu nor does anyone understand what I'm on about! What is a Snackpack you ask me????! Only the greatest thing ever. Shaved beef/lamb topped with your choice of sauces (my favourites are garlic and chili sauce) on a bed of hot crispy chips with a generous helping of melted cheese across the top. So simple yet so incredible...

I bitterly accepted the fact that I will no longer be able to have that familiar toasty styrofoam box of my ideal Snackpack in my little hands for a long while and added this to my list of reasons of why Canada sucks.

Now, I'm sure all the Tumblr-ers out there have come across a picture of a Poutine one time or another. I didn't even know that it was one of Canada's delicacies! I have seen this chip, gravy and cheesy goodness pop-up multiple times on my Tumblr dashboard - examples - here, here and here.

I've wanted to try a good ol' Canadian Poutine since I landed. I went to Lakeview for my first Poutine experience ever. And it was terrible. I had a two month recovery period before I was willing to try another Poutine. 

For the past week, I've extensively been looking into the best Poutines in Toronto, and what makes a good Poutine? Squeaky curds and amazing gravy to match, I hear! I had two Poutineries by me - Poutini's House of Poutine and Smoke's Poutinerie. Both of high rating - I was particularly eyeballing the Bacon Cheeseburger from Smoke's (Yum!). A short walk down to Poutini's, my sister and I ordered a lil sum'in sum'in each.

I loved the feel, felt very... Canadian-y (giggles). They were also blasting hard techno music - I was just waiting for one of the two workers to break out into a hakken.

Their menu of Poutines, Fries, Frites and a heap of range of Sauces (And cutie forks!)

They have a few poutines, not as big a variety as Smoke's but, I think it's just enough considering that their gravy is amazing! Poutines of Vegan, Pulled Pork, Bacon and 'The Works' and in sizes of Regular ($7-10) and 'Teeny Weeny Tiny' ($5-7) (lol). Pricing here. The Bacon Poutine even had an option to add Maple Syrup! Oh, Canadians. 

Our hand-cut chips fried, cold cheese curds topped along with gravy and additional toppings for my The Works poutine of sour cream, bacon and chives sprinkled over.

1. Poutini’s Traditional Poutine ($4.99)
Served with Fresh Cheese Curds and Beef, Vegetarian or Gluten-Free Gravy
2. The Works Poutine ($6.85)
(Traditional Poutine, Sour Cream, Bacon and Chives)
My Poutine was simply my sister's poutine, with add-ons - so good! It smelt amazing! And tasted so good, it (nearly - I need a some garlic sauce) hit my longing snackpack spot! A wonderful combination of sour cream with the saltiness from the bacon and chips! They also gave a nice chip to curd/bacon ratio - it was perfect!

Look at those bacon pieces. The amount of fat, cooked perfectly! Generous helping of gravy throughout, too!

1. The wonderful, crispy hand-cut fries. Each fry was crunchy, even the ones already absorbed in the gravy for the past 20 minutes sitting at the bottom of my poutine!
2. I never had cheese curds before, so this was definitely exciting! 
It was chewy with a slight bounce! I loved how it was still slightly cold.

I guess, Canada doesn't need my all-time praised snackpack because they have this delicious poutine - which gives the same satisfaction, just without my beloved garlic sauce. The 'Teeny Weeny Tiny' was a perfect proportion for me! And just as always, like the feeling of finishing off a snackpack - I feel disgusting-ly full (but very happy).

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  1. Oh my god, that looks so freaking good!!!!!

    1. You are missing out Soph! It was incredible. So many flavours. Oh my golly.