La Casita Chinese Eatery, Kensington Market/Chinatown

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One of the many Dim Sim places on Spadina's strip, La Casita is one of the lesser known ones. I was sick of going to Dim Sim King and Rosewood all of the time and felt that there must be some more hidden Dim Sim gems throughout Spadina. So we found ourselves infront of La Casita.

This place doesn't even sound Chinese. We were reassured by the next two words of the restaurant name.
 Down the stairs, and laminated images of menu items throughout the stairway

Mon-Fri (9AM - 4PM), all Dim Sum items (S/M/L) are $2.30
After 4PM, all Dim Sum items (S/M/L) are $3.50
Sat, Sun and Holidays, Dim Sum items are: (S) $2.30), (M) $ 2.90, (L) $3.50 & (XL) $3.95

 We were one of two tables in the place on a weekday arvo, meaning all of our dishes are $2.30/each

Ordering off a menu, instead of a cart, we had:
Prawn Dumplings (Har Gow) - L
Steamed Beef Tendon with Spicy Brown Sauce - L
Curry Cuttle Fish - M
Steamed Chicken Feets & Taro - M
Shrimp Rice Noodle Rolls - L
Snow Pea Shoot Rice Noodle Rolls - M
Deep Fried Squid Tentacles seasoned with Five Spices - XL

Both rice noodle rolls didn't taste fresh, it had that microwaved texture. The chicken feet were different, they we'rent saucy and nicely seasoned as you would expect. The rest were below average, dishes I wouldn't order again.

The only two clear winners are:
1. Deep Fried Squid Tenacles seasoned with Five Spices - XL
This was beautifully battered and had a delicious spice to go with it!
2. Curry Cuttle Fish - M
The best curry cuttle fish I've tried yet! Delicious taste.

I think I'm finished with trying out new Dim Sum places for the mean time! I like an all-rounder great! Two good dishes out of a possible seven - La Casita is average for me. 
La Casita Chinese Eastery
405 Dundas St West
Toronto ON
M5T 1G6
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