Family Eats: August 2013

11:15 PM

I don't know my laos food so well after all - my Uncle invited everyone over, catering for 70 people but feeding 30. There was so many delicious trays of food! Bear with me, I only know half the names of these.
Dish names please if you know them :)!

Here's some Laos and a bit of Viet eye-candy for ya'll to visually devour...

1. Laos Sausage
Look at that delicious chunks of fat!
2. Green Papaya Salad
3. ? Peppers, Shrimp and Jellyfish (?)

 4. Lao Curried Chicken
I got to these way too slow. It was cold by the time I reached out for it.
5. ? Ginger mixed with Veggies

 6. ?
This was delicious! I have no idea what it is. But it had the outer texture of Banh Bot Loc, but was savory and sweet on the inside! It had a sweet porky and slightly crunchy bite to it.

 7. Beef Jerky!
This was amazing paired with a ball of sticky rice and satay sauce, yummo!

8. Spicy Laotian Beef Salad (Partially cooked and raw)

9. Sticky Rice! 
There were four of these - We hardly even finished one

10. Vietnamese Lotus Root Salad
This is one of my favourite salads ever! I love the texture and crunch of lotus root, and with fish sauce - mmmm!
11. AMAZING Rice Noodles
One of my Aunt's boyfriend's sister brought this. Oh. My. Gosh. It was incredible! She was taking compliments, having known well enough how delicious it is - but her brother was happy to share with us the cooking technique - caramelised sugar and soy sauce. It was simply mixed in with parsley and scrambled egg. Delicious!

 I went for three helpings, but was munching on food the whole time.

12. Coconut Viet Cake
My Aunt's crafting - yummo!
13. Deep Fried Sesame Mung Bean Balls (Banh Cam)
This was the best Banh Cam I have ever had the pleasure of eating in my life. So crisp. It was crisp on the outside and had a wonderful chewy bite! There were two variations - the taro and mung bean.

Flowers from my Aunty's garden
Sliced watermelons for all! And of course, I dropped a juicy piece into my sangria.

And, other shots throughout the evening:
Strong tape (lol)
My cousin's village
Spotted CN Tower in my cup o' gria

The evening starting off, and by the end of it - stilllll so much food, and everyone packing it to take home!

(Wish you were here, Soph!)

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