Lindt Chocolat Café, Darling Harbour

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Lindt. We were so close to not finding this place and turning to Guylians instead, until my fish brain remembered seeing it on Google Maps. Good on ya Alice. It's nearly Halloween so we were walking down the strip at Darling Harbour absolutely swarmed by people in halloween costumes. 

 Entering these nicely adorned gates to get to Lindt

Straight away... When I entered Lindt... I squealed! I should have taken a picture of this WHOLE place. It was amazing. A chocolate wonderland. Everything was so nicely positioned, chocolates along the shelves along the walls, behind the cabinets. I loved it!

 Christmas is near friends.

Oh. my. gosh. I need to try these next time!

 Adorable! So many colours!

 I should have gotten these. Dangit.

 Caaakes! Priced from $10

Looking through the menu.. Way too many things I wanted.
 I love the clean pictures!

 They even have a savoury menu! Sounds delicious too.

 In line to order ♪

They had this buffet sort of this going on, grab a box and fill it. Pay by the kilo!


 These rectangular treats remind me of Canada. why...

 Ahh too pretty.

We had went to sit down at a table to wait for our order
 Look up and the tree above us was wrapped in twinkly lights

 Hi seagull

 Ordered a double shot latte ($8)

 And a sharing plate ($25.90).

I just looked on the site and it's JUST like the picture...
Daaaayuum! Lindt you got it spot on.

On the sharing plate there was two waffles with a scoop of icecream, chocolate brownies, two macaroons (hazelnut and salted caramel flavour), two of their classic Connoisseur chocolates, strawberries and chocolate sauce for dipping.

Artistic hipster photo unplanned photo shot lol

Brownies!!!! (Weren't anything special)

 Beautiful. That is all.


 I don't like macaroons too much.

 Nommed them all up as my friend isn't much of a sweet tooth, it didn't sway me at all.

Too pretty! And I ate it.

Lindt is a place you have to go to at least once. The interior is gorgeous. They had a few tables inside and quite a few outside, but the weather was beautiful, so I didn't mind it at all! Try the food and say that this place is incredible overrated and overpriced. The only thing I absolutely liked was the Connoisseur chocolates, other than that, nothing else really caught my tastebuds. I'll come back to try their classic Lindor balls (I already have a list of the ones I want to try)!

Lindt Chocolat Café
Darling Harbour, 1 Harbour St
Cockle Bay Wharf
Sydney, NSW 2000
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