Canley Heights Hotel Bistro, Canley Heights

1:34 AM

I have not been to Canley Heights Bistro in nearly a year! After a long time deciding on where to eat, my friend had said that their crumbled chicken bosciola here is pretty damn amazing. I just had to see what all the fuss was about.

Being nearly a year, I pranced through the entrance of this place.... I expected it all to be dark and dreary.... But they've renovated the place and it looks so much better!

Made our orders, and sat at our tables.

Is.. is this the right place? 

Crumbled chicken, chips, salad and a side of bosciola sauce ($18)

Mushrooms, onions, ham and all sorts of goodness in ere'

It's in a love heart shape... This chicken lavs me!!!!

Fancy bar being fancy

And of course, smashed it

My friend approves too :D

The crumbed chicken was indeed the best chicken shnitzel I've ever tasted. The bosciola sauce was good, but I could have easily done without it. The salad was meh, with meh dressing. The beer batter chips were perfect, but my friend had said that she had tried it better here before. It was all definitely good stuff, I would definitely come here again whenever I feel up for a chicken schnitzel.

I've gone back to have just the chips three times... they are absolutely amazing. Especially with the array of sauces they have (ketchup and chili), mmm m mm! It's so good to share.
274 Canley Vale Road
Canley Heights NSW 2166
(02)9724 4033
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