Cook + Learn with Zespri Kiwifruit at Nella Cucina

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Kiwifruits have not left my mind for the past 36 hours. The Kiwifruit has been revolutionized! I am back at the Nella Cucina Kitchen, and this time, have a Kiwi in the palm of my hand. An exciting lunch ahead hosted by the Zespri Kiwifruit team and chef, Devin Connell of Delica Kitchen. Two varieties are showcased throughout this Zespri cooking class: The Green and SunGold Kiwifruit. 

We explored the multiple ways kiwi can be added into our meals and become the star of the show! Our menu for the afternoon:
Starter: Kiwifruit Gazpacho
Main: Kiwifruit & Corn Salsa Tacos with Halibut and Jicama & Carrot Slaw
Dessert: Kiwifruit Sorbet with Ginger, Coconut & Lime

The underrated super-food superstar, I've been convinced that it is one of the ultimate fruits to add to my grocery list. We were swiftly educated on the countless nutritious benefits of ingesting a single kiwifruit. Kiwi is a low-carb and low-fat option. There were an overwhelming amount of points, that I've gathered my own list:
- One kiwifruit equates to half the fiber one bowl of cereal contains
- One kiwifruit contains 240% of the daily recommended dosage of Vitamin C
- One kiwifruit contains more potassium than your plain ol' banana
- One kiwifruit contains plenty of exclusive vitamins and minerals: it is high in antioxidants, zinc and vitamin E, and also contains 10% of the daily recommended intake of foliate, contains 15mg of magnesium and lutein for the eyes
...That's a lot of benefits in one fruit!

A refreshing Sungold Kiwitini, a splash of vodka, filled with delicate chunks of sweet Kiwi. 


Kiwifruit Gazpacho
This gazpacho was perfection, I loved the idea of adding Kiwifruit into a usually, vegetable-based soup! It was smooth, tangy and well-balanced. Recipe here.

Cooking demo in action

Fish and Tofu tacos toppling up to serve

Kiwifruit & Corn Salsa Tacos with Halibut and Jicama & Carrot Slaw
This Taco was a looker, I sure beat my social media timeline's #TacoTuesday with the addition of Kiwifruit! The Jicama & Carrot Slaw was beautiful, and simple. The mixture of kiwi and corn made the perfect salsa.

The menu line up was perfect, and it all led up to a delicious finish! To end, we had an assortment of cookies from Delica Kitchen and a Kiwi Sorbet, beautifully complimented with ginger, lime and coconut. I am impressed.


Zespri Kiwifruit hosted a delightful lunch on a beautiful day. It was an informative afternoon led by Zespri Kiwifruit team and Devin Connell has opened my mind up to contributing Kiwifruit to my fruit basket! There were many healthy alternatives introduced, and an interesting perspective taken on the delicious Kiwifruit. Thank you to Zespri Kiwifruit and Ketchum for organizing a wonderful event.

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