Union, Little Italy/Portugal Village

8:42 PM

72 Ossington Avenue 
Toronto, ON 
M6J 2Z2, Canada
Canadian - $10 Tuesday Specials

In celebration for the completion of my macroeconomics test (or just an excuse to go out and eat), my sister and I made a short walk down to Union. My sister is a regular at this place, they change the menu almost daily. 

Receiving the menus, each had a date stamp on it with 12 menu items at $10 each, Prime Rib (for two) at $85), choices of Sides ($3~6) and four Dessert options!

Having all my food experience in Sydney, where I've only experienced the eats of Asian and the nothing-out-of-the-usual,Western food - Union was my first French/Canadian feed. I love the whole concept of their menu.

 1. Venison Sliders ($10)
(With mirin glaze and pickle on challah)
I bow down to this slider.
2. Orecchiette Bolognese ($10)
(With braised ramps)
I would not get this again.
3. Sticky Ribs ($10)
(Charcoal smoked and braised back ribs in homemade BBQ sauce)
I dissappointedly didn't get any sticky-ness eating this, just lots of bites of chunky tomatoes.
4. Mini-Entrecote ($10)
(With frites and escargot)
Great chips. That's all here.

 (1) Also grabbing an extra side of their beautiful pickles and (2) a cup of tomato sauce
(3) I couldn't eat the rest of that piece of escargot, it was just staring up at me innocently like that.

5. Pecan Pie with Cream ($8)
I have not had a good slice (or tart) of Pecan Pie since Gold Coast, 6 years ago. I was super excited to try this, and to hear that it was house-made? I will order one please! After tasting it, the sadness in my tastebuds cannot be explained. I didn't get all the flavours I expected, boo.

The sliders were my one and only favourites! Why haven't I tried sliders before? They are incredible - the taste of the cheesey bread covered in glaze and Union's house-made pickles - mmhmm! (Another, much more incredible slider I've tried, was at Joey's)

Must eats:
- Venison Slider (I bet their Elk one is fantastic too!) $10

One winner out of five. I feel like I came across Union on one of their bad days. I need to try their menu again!

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