Si Chuan Restaurant, Burwood

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This place is two of my mates' absolute favourite place for hot pot, they absolutely love it! I don't like hot pot too much myself, it simply tastes like broth and fishballs to me, so I had low standards walking in of course.

 I've been here on two occasions, sitting here for three and for four the second time. I could happily say I had the best time here, the best company! 

Of course, my two mates being casuals, they knew exactly what they wanted, ticking each one off systematically.

 So, the hot pot comes in two sizes - small ($12) and large ($15) and you can have your choice of the spicy soup, chicken soup, or half and half! Which is what we ordered. There is also an option of choosing the level of spiciness and peppercorns added. We went with mild for the spiciness and zilch peppercorns... Mild is pretty spicy! 

Sauces are $1.50 each, one of my mates ordered the sesame sauce (which is not nice at all.. it had an odd peanut-buttery texture) and myself and my other mate had chopped chilis (which we would later pour the provided soy sauce into after)!

Further down the page, there are items you can choose to add raw into your hotpot, categorised into seafood, veggies, tofu and meat! There were 77 items to choose from with prices varying $3-$15.

For the first time I went, we ordered (for three):
- Button mushrooms ($6)
- Bamboo shoots ($5)
- Duck tongue ($9)
- Egg dumpling ($8)
- Beef slice ($8)
- Lamb slice ($8)
- Lotus root ($4)
- Spinach ($3)

And the second time (for four):
- Blood Jelly ($5)
- Pork Liver ($5)
- Duck tongue ($9)
- Beef slice ($8)
- Lamb slice ($8)
- Coriander pork balls ($7) 
- Egg dumpling ($8)
- Fried tofu ($3)
- Lotus root ($4)
- Noodles ($3)
- Taro ($4) 
- Spinach ($3)

And on both occasions, we ordered pig feet!
Pork Feet ($14) 
Oh I love the odd asian foods! The chopped chili ($1.5/each) came as shown with a bottle of soy sauce to pour accordingly - now this chili is pretty damn chili! But it was so beautiful with the pork feet. It felt fatty (of course) and scarce of bits to chew on, but so addictive, with a wonderful fragrance and perfect with the sauce!
Small Hotpot of Half n' half Broth ($12)
Spicy: Very chili! Intense in colour and it had a delicious taste of spiciness I'm not use to.
Chicken: My favourite side of the two! Already filled with treats - beansprouts, goji berries, dates, spring onion and ginger. The perfect combination!

The dishes we ordered came shortly after, strolling along the table with the dishes stacked upon one another.

Bamboo shoots, egg dumplings, lamb, duck tongues and lotus root.

And of course, whenever I go to an Asian restaurant - I have to order a nice drink - I had myself a Red Bean Smoothie ($4.50) (I tried Green Bean the second time around!) I definitely liked the Red Bean better! 

 Ohhh, yes!!!

Egg dumplings ($8)
Okay, now guys - this is the BEST hotpot addition you could ever possibly taste, EVER. Fishballs are already beautiful, but filled with fish eggs?! Now that's on a whole new level. This is a must to buy if you're having hot pot! My mates call them 'squishies', hehe.
Duck tongue ($9)
Hmm, duck tongue. I don't know where to go with you. I'm not sure why people like it so much! It has a wee bit of meat, the you're stuck with the annoying bone. I've also tried it fried! Still don't understand. But isn't it cute looking! We Asians eat everything, don't we ☺.

We over ordered on both occasions, we were all absolutely stuffed! Hot pot is average for me, once again! The only thing I like is having the egg dumplings, lotus root and lamb slices! The price came pretty high both times too, hehe. I can imagine this place to be a great place to chill on a cold night. 

Must eats:
- Egg dumplings ($8)
- Beef slice ($8)
- Lamb slice ($8)
Eh, it can pass...: 
- Pork Liver ($5)
- Noodles ($3)

Si Chuan
248 Burwood Rd
Sydney, NSW
2134 Australia
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