Chefs Gallery, Sydney CBD

11:20 PM

Round two of birthday feasting. My sweet pea of a friend took me out for dinner for my 20th! After a bit of shopping, we hit up this cute Chinese restaurant up in the city.

Ya fancy huh

Seated infront of the kitchen

 Our picks, fried rice and duck!

Roast duck with lychees and plum sauce ($29.90)
Roast duck fried rice ($13.90)

We really like our roast duck...The food was so damn good.
 I had some kind of hot soy bean drink with beans.

My mate wore the tshirt I bought him for his bday, hehe, sweet pea - and his beer matches it keke

Dessert time! We were pretty content.
 Piggies!! A boy and girl.

Filled with delicious hot sesame seed

The duck and fried rice were perfect. I love Chefs Gallery! I didn't expect anything less. -It's an incredible rip off though, but so so good.

Must eats:
- Roast duck with lychees and plum sauce ($29.90

Chefs Gallery
12/501 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9267 8877
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