Subway, Liverpool

2:41 AM

God Alice, you really are blogging about all the food you're eating aren't you - Hell yes! I've been curious about Subway's salads for a while. One evening, I found myself at Orange Grove's Subway. We all decided to try out converting our subs into a salad for $1.50. 

Ya'll know what the salad bar looks like - I like grabbing everything sides' the capsicum and jalepenos, oh and extra pickles and onions!

Teriyaki Chicken Salad ($7.50)

Had my choc milk up and teriyaki chicken salad topped with honey mustard - I was ready! It was pretty good, mainly because of the sauce and the pickles. The pickles always owns everything! I would definitely get it again, I can't imagine how salami slices would work with this... Ohh.... Pizza sub in salad form sounds interesting actually....

You don't need an address right? You know where Subway is...... Laters!

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