Recipe: Simple Carbonara Pasta Sauce

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I don't know if anyone is with me on this - but I am always googling pasta recipes, filtering through countless tabs to find myself completely turned off, giving up on making the sauce from scratch myself and running back to my good ol' Leggo's Carbonara sauce. Pasta sauce doesn't need to be that complicated does it?

Prancing into Woolies on my break with the intent to buy a few baking ingredients. Caught the corner of my eye, thickening cream on sale at Woolies? You know I'm on it. I grabbed myself two tubs for under $2. If I messed up, there wouldn't be much of a loss right?

Home sweet home, damn I was keen to make some carbonara sauce. A noob myself, I completely winged this recipe so it wouldn't be hard at all to produce yourself.

I've made this twice for myself, so amounts are approximating using 500g of pasta.

500g Pasta of your choice (I've tried fettuccine and spirals, spirals would be my pick)
Salted/unsalted butter (Or optional - s'all good, doesn't make a difference imo)
Mixed herbs (Or what ever herbs your have, I think parsley and oregano would work)
4-5 cloves of garlic (or two teaspoons of minced garlic)
1 onion
600ml Thickening cream
Spam (I used about 2/3 of it)
Pepper and salt to taste

Other ingredients you can use:
Chicken, mushrooms, cheese and bacon

(I didn't have my camera at the time and I'm always turned off from using my phone- I'll take step-by-step pictures next time!)
1. Boil pasta. Pour pasta into the pot and fill a pot with water, sprinkle of salt and once it starts boiling, turn the heat to med and leave it until just right!
2. Slice the spam how ever you want it, I did mine into strips
3. Pop all the spam onto the heat, I cook mine until a little crust is formed
4. Dice one onion. Using the same oil from the spam and a tad of butter, put the diced onions onto the heat. Stir occasionally, becareful not the burn - stir until they are carmellised (Takes about 5 minutes).
5. Pour thickening cream into a pot, pop in the spam pieces on high. I have this crazy theory that the flavours of the spam will ooze out and flavour the sauce. I dont know. 
6. Once the cream starts boiling, turn it to medium heat and pop in your onions. 
7. Now it's seasoning time! Put in a tablespoon or more of the herbs of your choice and salt and pepper to taste. Let that simmer for 5 minutes more or until the consistency of the cream is how you want it.

Grabbed myself a small bowl of pasta, and enjoy!

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