Criniti's, Darling Harbour

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I went up to Darling Harbour for dinner Friday night. I actually didn't expect much of the night, and didn't think I'd fall so in love with the two places we went to (the other place). Originally we were meant to go to Hurricanes, then I was given the opportunity to choose any restaurant I wanted, I filtered and filtered through so many in Darling Harbour.... then I settled for Hurricanes. I am horrible at finding restaurants to eat at and the last person anyone should ask. 

So my mate made a call to Hurricanes for a booking, turns out they're booked out for the Fridays of the next two weeks. Daaammmn. An impromptu booking for Criniti's was made (and on my friend's half, 20 minutes of persuading the girl on the phone to give us the Harbourside view) and we were there.

I've been to Criniti's twice in Parramatta. I actually didn't expect much at all... Criniti's at Parramatta is pretty bleh, and let me tell you, nothing like Darling Harbours one. The atmosphere was incredibly different. The place was unsurprisingly packed!

 Seated and received our big-ass menus

The menu was massive! It was incredibly overwhelming. I think we took a good twenty minutes getting around to finally deciding what we wanted to order.

 The weather was incredible tonight! The view along the side... I've already fallen in love with this place!

 Drinks menu - extensive list of spirits. I'm still sick, so I opted for an innocent Banana and Mango Smoothie

 The place was incredibly dim, so our source of light for reading our menus was this little egg, orb, thing.

 Banana, mango, vanilla gelato in an ice blend ($8). Was okay. Tasted like what I could get mixing a Banana flavoured Up&Go and a bit of mango together.

My mate got steak and I chose the Pollo Rossi ($38.90)
(Chicken breast, local king prawn cutlets, octopus, calamari w/ cream & mustard sugo)

Maaannnn, this tasted amazing! The sauces and seafood was an amazing combination. I would, as always, prefer a more tender chicken, as I like juicier pieces rather than dry, but the seafood definitely made up for it!

 Some greens served on the side, unique presentation!

 And of course, I smashed it.

I had a pretty awesome time here and so did my mate. We both thought the food was great, had some amazing seats, can't complain. This place was nothing like the Parramatta Criniti's! But it is overpriced ($40 for a chicken breast!). I would definitely want to come back to smash some ribs though!

Level 2 Harbourside Shopping Centre
Darling Harbour NSW 2000
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