Baking with Arsy: Banana, Cinnamon n' Choc chip Muffins

8:39 AM

Sifted flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon

 Butter, bananas, egg and milk

 Mix mix

Decided to sample a little... Popped a bit in the microwave

40 seconds and out of the microwave, all fluffy n dat !

 Line trays with cupcake liners!

In a seperate bowl, lets expirement a bit! Chuck in some of that batter, more milk and choc chips

Plop a spoon, add a choc chip circle thing, and another plop of batter on top of that

Do all the same for the rest of the 5

And top off with choc chip pieces

And out of the oven....
 Melted and looking beautiful!

 So pretty. Gorgeous colour


Sliced in half

Oh hai melty goodness

Hehe, to improve I would definitely add more milk and more oil to replace butter!

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